The past is just that, the past. It should be past. More often than not we are haunted by the unfortunate things that happened to us in the past. They keep on recurring in our memories and are so vivid that they cause us a lot of pain and unhappiness in the present. This is very unfortunate. What’s even more unfortunate is falling into the belief that this state cannot be changed and that it has power over us. Well, this is not so. Here are the 3 ultimate ways to dissolve the burdens from the past and lead a more fulfilling life;

Tap into the power of the present

Think of it this way- there is no such thing as the past neither is there any future. The only true time that is in existence is Now, the present. Not even five or ten minutes to come. This is the only time that matters. Be present in the Now. Enjoy the Now because this is the real you. The you that you anticipate to become cannot be without You in the present. Focus on who you are now, be fully aware and present in what’s happening in your life now. Feel your breathe, feel the cool breeze outside, feel the stillness and peace around, feel the energy of your very being, feel peaceful because this is all that matters- NOW, the PRESENT.

Differentiate between life situation and your life

These are the two major players in our lives. There is your life and there are life situations. Life situations are the very things that happen around that are beyond our control. For instance, the loss of a loved one. These are often tough moments for us as humans. But when all chips re own, one must be able to differentiate the two. The life situations should not be let into our lives these are two separate entities. So for the burdens of the past, they were life situations, just that. You have your life now. Desire to let it be situation proof. Then you become stronger and indestructible

Accept the Occurrence

This is a very powerful tool towards dissolving the past. Accept what happened and move on. All problems are often illusions of the mind. There is often no point in creating a problem. There are only two options when faced with a tough situation. You either deal with it or accept it. Humans often create a third option of not either dealing with it or accepting it and in turn push it into the problem section which does not even exist. This then haunts you forever. Accepting what happens is therefore the single most powerful tool to deal with the past burdens that keep recurring.

SAD FACT-  If you carry a heavy burden from the past, you are bound to experience a lot more of the same situation. This is so due to the lack of the present. There is a void created in your ‘present’ and so the past fills up the void and perpetuates itself in your life experiences.

Make a declaration today to accept what happened in the past and move on and be present in your present life.


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