Ever heard of hybrid humans? Well, such a term is common with movies we watch in the current age. It’s normally used to mean an integration of two different species to bring out a different species perhaps stronger or that shares the two species’ qualities equally. This is not yet to happen in real life at least that is what is believed.

I would like to think about this differently. Hybrid humans do exist. Except for what makes my analogy different is that they are as a result of integration of the same species qualities in such a way that the two qualities are significantly dominant. I am talking of the men and women who are strongly endowed with the qualities of both sexes strongly. I am sure not talking about the physical qualities. The human female species have a set of special qualities that make them feminine and so are the male human species. These set of qualities were the very qualities that made our predecessors able to survive and emerge as the dominant species of all. Male species were built to be strong physically evidenced by strong jaws, muscles growth, no hips to enable them to run as first, their hands facing inwards at the elbow joint to be able to throw things effectively and having a firm grip. The female was designed to have breasts to nurture, the hands bone structure bending outwards to hold the offspring effectively, hips, uterus and a significant bottom for sexual reproduction. These are all but physical and they are the distinctive characteristics that separate the two.

On the contrary, I am talking about the values that make one a man and the other a lady. Well, let’s jump into it. Females are blessed with a very powerful quality of intuition. The very quality that gave birth to the phrase, ‘you cannot cheat on a lady and get away with it’. They are able to strongly feel and perceive the unseen. They are well equipped with the power to read expressions and minds. This makes them very powerful and they are able to use these to have power over men. A lady is empathetic, graceful, she is beautiful at heart and her reasoning is more inclined towards her emotions perhaps due to the nurturing role accorded to her by nature. The males on the other hand, rule with a heavy arm, are cold hearted and have an ego. They are strategic thinkers, aggressive, rough and are able to make tough decisions without feeling a pinch. All qualities also accorded by their role in the family as providers, hunters and gatherers by nature.

One then begins to understand the analogy of hybrid humans. Hybrids to mean are stronger than either. I strongly believe the strongest humans are ones that have been endowed with the ability to exercise both qualities at equal proportions. This brilliant blend gives birth to the word assertiveness. Any human who is assertive is the strongest. A man, who apart from just ruling with a heavy arm is able to listen to the voice of empathy, A man, who doesn’t judge without listening to intuition first, A man, who applies love when making harsh judgments. A woman who is able to stand up to herself because she is strong at heart and in the mind, a woman who is able to balance between being aggressive and being passive.

These are the very qualities that qualify one as tough, mentally. These humans exist and unfortunately, the society single particularly men who have camouflaged their male qualities with the female qualities as weak. They normally have coated their male powerful qualities with more reasonable female traits. These are the hybrids that exist in the society today. They are defined by composure, assertiveness, emotional intelligence, understanding and love.


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