Am I meant to be where I am today?  Why are these things happening to me? Why me? Why is my condition not getting any better? Why am I this blessed? I am so fortunate in this life; everything is going my way, why? Everyone at some point has asked himself such questions. A lot of people still ask themselves these questions. Well, there is only one reason; there is only one answer to all these questions. The reason is YOU, the answer is YOU.

Exactly the place you are today, the exact situation you are in today whether bad or good is a summation of all the tiny little efforts you have made towards them. Somewhere along your life you made an appointment with yourself to be exactly at the place you are now. We are therefore the result of our own efforts with time. What you are as an individual now, how you dress, how you perceive things, your financial status is all on you. When one therefore decides to answer these questions with a pointed finger towards another person or situation, he/she is getting it all wrong. In any situation we are in as humans, the person to blame is YOU. When you have succeeded, YOU are the reason behind it. When you are facing what is not desired financially, the person to point a finger at is YOU.  Well, how is this so?

We are powerful as humans. We were made self-sufficient. We were made in the image and likeness of the creator. This simply means we are also creators. We are able to create situations and conditions. What you profess with your tongue and believe in your heart utterly, comes to pass. If you believe you will possess something, create it into existence by professing it everyday and ultimately, the universe will step away for you to achieve what is desired. In the same light we were endowed with qualities such as ‘habit’.  These are the basic tools handed over to us to make everything work for us in the direction we want. So, if your question today is; why am I not having a successful business? Or why am I not financially stable? Or just why am I in the situation I am in?

The answer is in your habits. The answer is in what you engage in on a daily basis, how you manage your time every single day.  Once a HABIT settles in, it is difficult to get rid of it, in fact it is impossible. When you get rid of ‘H’, a bit of it is still there. When you get rid of ‘A’, bit of it is still in existence and you finally get rid ‘B’, it is still there. The only way to get rid of a bad habit that becomes the summation of the bad place you are in now, is to replace it with a habit that is geared towards prosperity.

Create prosperity with your tongue, proclaim it every day, possess it and start perceiving things differently. Desire not to blame, not even you. How we bounce back from a fall is solely what matters. The desires of your heart, desired strongly, come to pass. Change your life situation today by changing your habits and changing your desires.


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