Being at peace with oneself is everyone’s dream. We all desire to be in a state of absolute happiness, a state where one is indestructible by ill words hulled at us or by life situations. The reality is, our state of peace and absolute happiness is held at ransom with life situations. The state then keeps on shifting. One time you are the happiest human and some other time you are deeply depressed. Or even worse drifting towards depression until it seems permanent. Well, there is only one ultimate secret towards attaining absolute happiness and abundant peace.

Come to yourself

To come to yourself simply means to draw back to who you really are. It means to stop whatever you are doing, listen to the inner voice within you and be in harmony with it. It means being in harmony with your inner being. This state takes you to another realm where there only exists ‘you and now’. This wonderful state of the mind is what translates to one having an inner peace. It is from this state that happiness is drawn; it is from this state that brilliant ideas are born. This state should never be defined by accomplishment or circumstances. It can only be defined by your willingness to stretch yourself beyond, to reach it. What’s even more exciting is that at that very moment that you are in one harmony with yourself, the self then becomes greater than you entirely, greater than form and name. This form creates a totally different being that indestructible, a being that is glorious, powerful and heavenly. This being is capable of doing the unthinkable. This is very state that even results to miracles.

Not being able to draw from this state creates a perception of separation with self. Strong identification with your mind creates a barrier that keeps you from seeing the other glorious side. The perception becomes so intense that it becomes the reality of your life. The mind comes into play as the sole driver of your life and it tags a long it’s best friend, ‘the ego’. Together they take charge. The result of this is the incessant loud voice in the head, speaking to you without stop. This is the birth of all and every mistake, unhappiness, bad relationship, disease, unhealthy living, name it. Almost every person has heard the famous phrase ‘The mind is the most powerful weapon we have’. This is true to its core, but what people do not know is that, the weapon has the capability to take over the master. The mind has the capability of controlling you entirely. Once one decides to give the mind the priority to rule and its best buddy, the ego tags along, what is about to happen is disastrous.

To be able to understand this, I would like everyone to identify with this- Have you ever heard a still peaceful voice reminding you that your life is not going through to the right direction? Have you ever been warned by the very you not to go down a certain path? EVERY individual on earth whose mind is developed enough to perceive the realities of life has. This is the very glorious being that cries for oneness with oneself. This is a God given gift, a director. It is all the times right. But because we are so it touch with the mind, we fail to listen. The oneness with the mind creates feelings of fear, self-destruction and separates you from yourself. Once this is achieved, it then begins to separate you from your friends, from your family, from all relationships and surprisingly, from success. The mind takes over and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. This then gives birth to what is called the mindset. There are two sources of mindset; the one that draws its set from oneness with self and the other that draws its set from the battles of the mind, from the incessant negative thoughts of the mind. Once one has decided to stop listening to the inner self, and identifies with the mind, the mind takes over as the captain and immediately creates a sequence in your life that attracts things, people and situations that is similar to its state.

For instance, when you have set the pace of ‘I can’t do it’ in your mind, the single most powerful weapon takes over you and takes you to the ‘I can’t do it’ situations. Your life becomes a mess. Everything you try out doesn’t succeed. From this you find yourself in very bad situations. You attract the ‘I can’t do it’ people and see them as friends, and together you create an ‘I can’t do it’ cocoon. Together you flourish in negativity and poverty in all sense. This then makes you understand why it is said, the exact situation you are in now, at some point in your life, you made an appointment with yourself to be there.

How then do we become one with ourselves? Stop! Yes. Stop! Just stop everything you are doing and listen to yourself. Listen to the very still voice in your head. The voice emanates from beyond the mind. It emanates from a land unknown. Its depth is beyond comprehension. Stop and listen to it, for the voice knows exactly where you ought to be at the moment, it knows what’s best for you. At this moment you realize you are in a different realm where the mind is not involved. This is the very realm that enables you to feel love, gratitude, compassion, empathy and above all self-awareness. You begin to realize your own presence, your own self with great intensity and force that it gives you joy. Every other thing in this state seizes to exist, your mind, thinking, physical body and the outside world alike seize to exist. You enter into a state where you are alert and aware but you are not thinking. This is a powerful state to be in. it is peaceful and fulfilling. The small still voice will tell you exactly what to do to better yourself and above all, whisper to yourself what you want to be. You can simply try this every morning, where you stop to be one with yourself and whisper these words ‘All the finer things in life belong to me’ or ‘Good things are about to happen to me’. Your mind takes over afterwards and leads you to the places you want to be, to meet the right people and situations. And one then begins walking in favor, grace and luck.

Make an effort today to improve your own self by listening more to your inner self. Purpose to be one with yourself every single moment. Be present in every situation and don’t allow your mind and ego to take over. When faced with life situations, be the observer. And by this I mean, watch from a distance the mind draw conclusions but be the final say. This is the road to abundance of peace.


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