Through my high school I did ask myself a lot of questions when it comes to dating and more so getting the girl you so much like to like you back and eventually fall in love with you. There were guys in my clique that were not as good looking or smart but would get any girl they started pursuing and the girl would actually like them back. What exactly was this magic they were using? I became more observant and realized these 4 are the very charm used to get her.



Love or attraction they say is majorly chemistry, natural chemistry with the other person. The moment you two lock eyes for the first time, you just know she is the one. Researchers say at that very moment, adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin are released from the brain. Adrenaline is responsible for the sweat, your heart racing and mouth going dry. Dopamine on the other hand stimulates an intense rush of pleasure while serotonin is the love hormone. These are all natural and cannot be faked. To my point, if you truly like her, start internalizing. Start seeing her everyday in your thoughts. Take a moment to visualize yourself with her doing all the wonderful things you will be doing together. This state stimulates the love hormones. You will love her more intensely without even talking to her and when you finally do, trust me she will notice. You will not have to sweat it. You will not have to explain a lot. Girls are brilliant; they have a special ability to read facial expressions, body language and intention. So the big question is, how much do you really want her? If you want her so much, internalize first. Visualize her with you. Let the relationship be conceived in your head first.



Show True interest



Lovers of love science say it takes between 90 to 4 minutes to decide if you fancy someone. This however, has little to do with what you say but rather; 55% is through body language, 38% is the tone and speed of your voice and only 7% what you say. The other bigger percentages will sure be taken care of by internalizing. What baffling is that, the 7% could ruin everything. I mean we have all been I a situation where you are attracted to someone but there comes weird moments when both of you are silent with nothing to say and eventually it becomes boring to hang out together. What you say is very important. Take honest interest at her. At what she does, ask her questions about her life, relate them with yours, and find a way of curving creative jokes out of them. In other words, make her feel good about herself. This in turn creates a powerful need for her to be around you because you make her feel good about herself.

The law of scarcity

This is the final step. I also call it the law of demand and supply. At this stage, you had internalized, approached her and took honest interest in everything she does. You might want to start limiting your presence. You have created a demand, know, cut the supply but be careful to do this just a little bit. Don’t always be available. Create some kind of void that will in turn create craving. And there you have it, a healthy relationship with your dream girl, one that, you both want each other and the fire keeps on burning.


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